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Happy #FaeFriday, everyone! 

This week we are talking about Sweets!
Original Creator: Caffeinated Fae

 Faeries are known for their love of sweets and candy. 

Q: What is a book that was so sweet you worried you might get a cavity?


I'll be honest, I really don't read overly sweet books. I just can't get into them. So, I really haven't read any in the past. 
I think the sweetest book I've read recently was an ARC of The Rich Boy by Kylie Scott. The hero in it is sweet to the heroine throughout the story, but I definitely wouldn't categorize it as such a sweet read that you would be worried you might get a cavity. 

It did have its sweet moments though. Plus it's a pretty funny read too. It's a great slow burn romance. 


Q: Do you have a book in mind that was super sweet 
or are you like me and don't tend to read them?


- Danielle 


  1. I definitely get that! I don't read many sweet books! I like my drama and angst too much!

    1. Yes, same. I need drama and angst. Just to keep it interesting, you know? lol.


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